Hey there, friends. I’m Alison. Have a seat, and let me pour you some coffee.

I’m a busy wife and mama. I’m a recovering perfectionist who’s been saved by grace. I love food. Cooking it, baking it, eating it. I’m an introvert (Myers-Briggs ISFJ), but I love gathering friends and family around our table and sharing a meal together. I believe there’s nothing like curling up with a good book and putting off the housekeeping. I swim in lakes and oceans. I work out. I walk in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. I love to hike, boat, and ski with my family. My guilty pleasures include Gilmore Girls and a plate of homemade nachos.

I write about freedom, my own and that of others. My books are Historical Fiction featuring the Underground Railroad. The courage and perseverance of fugitive slaves and abolitionists inspires me.


I host a podcast called “Historical Fiction: Unpacked,” on which I talk to other authors about how the medium of story draws us in, ignites our curiosity, and informs us about the past, so that we can better live in the present.


I’m also a freelance editor of both fiction and nonfiction. You can find out more about my editing services here.


My blog tells my own story. I write about life with my patient and supportive husband, Todd. Our marriage has changed me in the best possible ways. I share the adventures we have with our three kiddos: Camilla, Adrian, and Evangeline. I like to say that motherhood, with all its glorious transcendence, refines me. I write about living a natural lifestyle without comparing myself to other crunchy moms. About becoming comfortable in my own skin. Recovering from anxiety. Choosing joy in the journey. And accepting grace for my failures.


When I’m not writing or indulging in guilty pleasures, I’m usually hanging out with my family. On Friday nights you’ll most likely find us snuggling on the couch eating popcorn and reading The Chronicles of Narnia or watching movies. That’s when I meet Todd’s eye over the heads of the swiftly growing children and realize for a moment how truly blessed I am.

Thanks for visiting my tiny corner of the Internet.

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