Editorial Services

You’re writing a book,

but you could use some help . . .

I would love to work with you.
I offer various editorial services to improve your writing,
ensuring that you’re submitting your best work to an agent or publishing company.

Here are the levels of editing you might desire, depending on the condition of your manuscript:

Your book is practically perfect.

Your book is practically perfect.

You’ve already done extensive revisions. You’ve gone over the manuscript until your eyes crossed. You just want a professional to give it that final polish. I would be the perfect person to proofread it, checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as missing or repeated words and other simple mistakes.
Your book is pretty good.

Your book is pretty good.

The story makes sense, and your book is well organized, but you aren’t certain about the sentence structure, wording, or grammar. You may hire me as a line or copy editor. This level of editing varies based on the needs of the manuscript, but at the very least it will include minor rewriting for clarity and readability, revising to comply with the Chicago Manual of Style, and correction of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.
Your book needs some work.

Your book needs some work.

You love your idea. You have an intriguing story. Something isn’t clicking, though. I can either critique your manuscript, giving you feedback with suggestions for improvements, or I can do an in-depth, developmental edit, rewriting where needed and organizing your manuscript so that it flows. The developmental edit is best followed by a copy or line edit.

Why hire me?

Since graduating from college at the top of the English Department, I’ve worked with other writers and as a writer myself. My experience includes critiquing countless manuscripts, editing website content, editing and proofreading book manuscripts, teaching writing classes, writing three complete novels, having a novel traditionally published, and writing articles for periodicals. I am passionate about helping writers release their own creativity and fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives.

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Sample Edit

If you’re not sure you want to work with me, I can offer you a sample edit for $25. Send me your manuscript and I’ll pull four pages from it and edit them. If you decide to hire me, a credit of $25 will be applied to your final bill.

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