Five Minute Friday: Tree

Five Minute Friday: Tree

I haven’t done Five Minute Friday in a loooong time! A year, I think. I already had a word in mind to write about. And then I looked at Lisa-Jo’s prompt and it was “tree” and that made me think of this post. So I started writing and worked my way back to the other word . . . the one I’d had in my head all day. Here it is. Five minutes. Unedited. Short. Because I have not been writing.
I didn’t know that what the tree was teaching me was grace.
As I looked out that window, with life growing inside me and anger boiling up from the depths. I knew I was being made new, but I didn’t think about the word.
I thought I gave her that middle name because God was gracious to me.
He overlooked my sins. Wiped the slate clean.
Gave me what I didn’t deserve.
And when I held her body wet and slippery and gloriously alive
I knew His grace was so much greater than I had imagined.
So she’s my Eva Grace.
But I didn’t realize . . .
She was teaching me to have grace, too.

And Grace changes everything.

I hope to write more about this soon. But, you know, I can’t promise much these days.
  • Lisa
    Posted at 12:38h, 17 November Reply

    Well fellow FMF contributor, I am so very glad you posted this week. What a wonderful story you tell here. The previous post concerning you oak tree is amazing. Isn't God so good to use the most ordinary, at hand things to minister such powerful truth and grace…always grace…to us? I'm sure I'll be back to take a look around your site. It's wonderful to meet you.

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