Story Brings History to Life–with Adrian Goldsworthy

Story Brings History to Life–with Adrian Goldsworthy


Adrian Goldsworthy is a respected historian of the ancient world. He studied at Oxford, where his doctoral thesis examined the Roman army, and he went on to write acclaimed works of non-fiction, including Ceasar, Hadrian’s Wall, and Philip and Alexander. His fiction includes the authentic and action-packed Vindolanda Triology, set in Roman Britain. Today on the show, we discuss his latest novel, The Fort, which released this past summer.

Here’s a description of the novel:

AD 105: Dacia

The Dacian kingdom and Rome are at peace, but no one thinks that it will last. Sent to command an isolated fort beyond the Danube, centurion Flavius Ferox can sense that war is coming, but also knows that enemies may be closer to home. Many of the Brigantes under his command are former rebels and convicts, as likely to kill him as obey an order. And then there is Hadrian, the emperor’s cousin, and a man with plans of his own.

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