The Forgotten Firebrand–with Cam Molineux

The Forgotten Firebrand–with Cam Molineux


Award-winning author and speaker Cam Molineux wants to help Americans understand and fall in love with their history. With genealogical ties to and a shared patriotic spirit with her novel’s protagonist, she is uniquely qualified to tell his story.

If not for William Molineux, a man of determined spirit and rowdy imagination, the Boston Tea Party might never have happened. Yet you won’t read about him in most history books—but you will in The Spirit of a Revolution. His fight for freedom is eerily similar to what Americans face in the opening decades of the twenty-first century.

In this episode, Cam and I discuss her ties to William Molineux, what this little-known firebrand added to the fight for liberty, and the inspiration behind her remarkable debut novel.

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Read more about William Molineux in this article (the source for the quote at the end of the episode).

Check out Cam’s website, and consider having her speak to your group.



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