The New Year is already over a month old. I thought by now I’d be cranking out the blog posts, deep into a manuscript, involved with characters who are (almost) as real to me as my own children.

I’m not.

I have ideas. Lots of ideas. I sit down to write. I start writing . . . and after a little while it fizzles out. I look at it later and realize it wasn’t any good. Which is okay. Or, it’s good but I don’t know what words come next. I have no idea what to put on the page after that.

My writing friend says it’s because I spent so many years in 1860 with Sid and Rachel. Maybe.

I know that I need to nurture my creative self. And that’s hard right now. Every day is full. Bursting with children to be fed and taught and nurtured. I already get up shortly after 5 am. I can’t get up earlier. On Wednesday I wrote nonsense for a little while, but ultimately found it more satisfying to spend my alone time straightening up the house, vacuuming, washing dishes. You can see the results of that work right away. Even if it is completely undone in 24 hours.

I’ve been dragging my feet with an assignment I’ve given myself. Am I lazy? Is it not the right time?

Or is it what I learned years ago and that same friend reminded me of: I’m scared.

So I go back to the place I learned it. That book. And I read and think and make new resolutions. I remember the woman who gave me the book and I decide to pursue this thing.

It’s hard to be creative in this season. I don’t know the answer. I’m hoping to find it. Slowly, like a flower opening in spring. Right now it’s all crunched in on itself. Tightly. Tensely holding on. But soon it will open to the sunlight, unfurling its petals and gracing the world with beauty once again.

  • Sandy
    Posted at 07:08h, 08 February Reply

    My youngest just graduated last June. During the time that I homeschooled and cared for the four of our children, I often wished for the time to pursue my interests, especially exercise and writing. Five years ago, I found time to write in the summer and managed it every summer after that. About the same time, I worked exercise into my schedule, year round. As I consider how our children handle their own lives now, I do not regret what I gave up. You will have time, if not now, later.

  • Alison Treat
    Posted at 07:24h, 09 February Reply

    Thanks for the encouragement, Sandy. I think I'm just struggling with how to thrive now in addition to not having regrets in the future. My kids need a joyful mama and that is far from where I am right now. Looking for the right balance for our family.

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