Five Minute Friday: Quiet

Five Minute Friday: Quiet

Once again, the dawn of the weekend is here. In hunters-wife-land, though, we have no weekend in this season. Well, we do get Sundays. I am grateful for that–and for the freezer full of venison we’re bound to get eventually.

I’m trying to be consistent with Five Minute Fridays now (three weeks in a row), if for no other reason than that it forces me to practice my craft. I write for five minutes on the chosen prompt and then link up over at Lisa-Jo’s. Today’s prompt is “Quiet”.

It’s a state I crave and yet rarely find. I like to be quiet, have quiet. Time to myself to think and process and be alone with me. Yet, the days run into each other and I find myself wondering when was the last time I was truly quiet . . .
It’s not so much the children talking all. the. time. The fighting and crying and singing and playing—well, it interferes a bit when it comes to finding quiet time. But more than that, it’s the busyness of life. The rush around and hurry out the door so we don’t miss the bus. And I don’t have time to stop and talk to that person because if I do then I won’t get home in time for nap and I won’t have . . . quiet.
Can I quiet my soul when I am alone? As infrequently as it happens, do I have the ability to truly settle my spirit and cease the striving and just be? Alone. With God. For He is always there. To let go of the worry and planning every waking minute and thinking of what I need to do next. Be. Calm. Peace. Quiet.
Profound, I know. Happy reading, folks!

  • Amy Pederson
    Posted at 23:49h, 10 November Reply

    Yes, embracing a quiet moment when it comes IS truly difficult but necessary. May the Lord help all of us focus more on Him and less on all the things there are to do, the never-ending lists, the next item on the agenda. BLessings to you.

  • Alison Treat
    Posted at 21:00h, 12 November Reply

    Amen. Thank you, Amy!

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