Alison Treat | Spring Fever
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Spring Fever

Spring Fever

After bemoaning the lack of a real winter here in Pennsylvania, I have now turned a corner. Last week we saw temps in the 70’s and I liked it. It felt so good to go outside in the sunshine and soak up the warmth. This week is much cooler, but in honor of the new season I thought I’d post a poem I wrote last spring. My heart was stormy. I missed my Grandma. It’s almost one year since we lost her, but as the flowers make their appearance, I think of her–her love for the earth and all growing things.

Cherry Tree
Alison Roskos Treat
I saw the cherry tree
Outside my window today.
Despite the rain and gray sky
It chose to burst into pink blooms
To prove that spring must come
And the grass is green
The dry leaves from last autumn
Retreat to the edges of the lawn
Forfeiting the match to new foliage,
Knowing their days are numbered.
The rain gives way to sunshine
And shorts are donned to show off pale legs
Stretched out under clear skies.
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