Alison Treat | Writing takes time . . . and other brilliant revelations!
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Writing takes time . . . and other brilliant revelations!

Writing takes time . . . and other brilliant revelations!

I’m going to ramble today. Just a warning. In September I went with my friend Amanda to a writers symposium where we heard several journalists, an agent, and an editor speak to a room full of writers about writing and publishing. It was invigorating, exciting, challenging. It lit a fire under me. There was a common thread in all their speeches, though. Each one of them said, in one way or another, that we need to find the time to write.
That may sound obvious, but I’m not finding it easy in this season of my life. I have a couple hours on Tuesday mornings–and a while ago I was convinced I could squeeze in more time during Adrian’s naps and Camilla’s “Turtle Times”. (Side note: Turtle Time is when we all go in our own shells–so Camilla has some time alone in her room most afternoons.) However, with a one-year-old chasing the vacuum cleaner whenever I use it, it seems naps are the only time to clean up the crumbs. And if I try to fit all the other housework into wake times, my children are neglected. Believe me, my house is not spotless. I can’t imagine the chaos if I didn’t grab an hour in the afternoon in a mad scramble to straighten up and make important phone calls. So it’s Tuesday mornings. That’s it. Especially right now, because I don’t really have time on weekends . . .
That reminds me, I took Camilla to see Tangled this past weekend. It was good–but a lot scarier than I expected. She actually screamed a couple times. I had to talk her through it, explaining that it’s just a movie and they would be okay. Afterwards she said she liked it. I asked her if it was too scary and she said, “Yes. But I like scary things.” I don’t think that was her opinion when she was screaming and clinging to me in the theater. The big screen was a factor, I’m sure. Everything is larger than life. The beautiful scenes become more attractive but the frightening scenes more terrifying.
So . . . writing takes time. Just getting a weekly post on my blog is tough. Let alone working on my book–or other writing. I’m just going to keep plugging away, set some new goals, use some time on weekends or evenings when Todd can manage the troops for me. And remember that before I know it they will both be in school and . . . sniff . . . I’m going to enjoy every minute of this wild and crazy time–the chaos, the sticky kitchen floor, the boy chasing the vacuum cleaner, the girl singing made-up songs at the top of her lungs, and even the lack of time to myself.

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