More Birthdays!

More Birthdays!

My Mom’s birthday is June 5th. I won’t mention her age. Obviously, she received a new umbrella, with famous quotes on it. When I see this picture, I think of the little family routine we used to do to the song “Side by Side.” Mom would step out with an umbrella to sing her solo, “No matter the weather! What if the sky should fall? Just as long as we’re together, it doesn’t matter at all.”

And Anne turned eighteen on June 10th! Hard to believe! Looks like Freddy needed a mask to protect himself from all those candles! In honor of Aunt Annie’s birthday, Camilla learned to say her name, “Nee Nee”.

Don’t worry, Mom, today she saw a “mature” woman at Target and said, “Ma-Ma!” So that’s definitely her version of “Grandma.” And the woman was not old, just a very attractive grandma-looking woman.

“Ma-Ma” and Aunt Beka enojoying the ice cream cake!

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