Learning From Those Who’ve Gone Before Us—with Rachel Fordham

Learning From Those Who’ve Gone Before Us—with Rachel Fordham


Today’s episode is a conversation with Rachel Fordham. Her latest novel, Where the Road Bends, released Tuesday, June 7. We discuss the lessons apparent in this book, what it’s like to write contemporary after writing historical fiction, and how she uses the five love languages in her novels.

Here’s a description of the novel, from Revell:

For Norah King, her family land is all she has left—and she can’t
lose it, even if it means marrying someone she doesn’t love. Days
before the wedding, she discovers a badly injured man on her
property and chooses to take him in—a decision she could live to

Norah’s nursing does more than aid Quincy Barnes’s recovery; it also
awakens his heart. But as a penniless man with no home of his own,
Quincy has nothing to offer her. The honorable choice is to leave and
let her marry her intended. The only problem is that when he leaves,
he inadvertently takes something that doesn’t belong to him—
something that will change both their lives forever.

When their paths cross next, Quincy sees firsthand the consequences
of his actions and will go to great lengths to set things right, but will
it be enough?

Can Quincy come clean to Norah and make amends? Or will
their future together be ruined before it has even begun?

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