Appreciating the Present–with V.E.H. Masters

Appreciating the Present–with V.E.H. Masters


V.E.H. Masters was born and grew up on a farm just outside St. Andrews, Scotland. She’s been fascinated by the 1546 siege of St Andrews Castle, ever since her history teacher took the class on a visit, which included going down the siege tunnel dug out of rock and peering into the bottle dungeon where the infamous Cardinal Beaton’s body is said to have been kept, pickled in salt, for over a year. When she learned that the group who took the castle, and held it for over 14 months, resisting the many attempts to re-take it, called themselves the Castilians, she knew even then, at age 12, that it was the perfect title for the story, and she had a sixth sense she might write it one day. On today’s show, we discuss Vicki’s first book, The Castilians, as well as the sequel, The Conversos, which is now available!

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Check out Vicki’s website (where you can join her readers group), and don’t miss her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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