Why did America close its eyes to the German American Bund?–with Leslie K. Barry

Why did America close its eyes to the German American Bund?–with Leslie K. Barry


In honor of Passover, I’m highlighting a piece of Jewish American history today by sharing my conversation with bestselling author and screenplay writer Leslie K. Barry. Leslie’s novel, Newark Minutemen, released last fall. It’s set in 1938.

Here’s the description: Millions are out of work and robbed of dignity. A shadow Hitler-Nazi party called the German-American Bund that is led by an American Fuhrer threatens to swallow democracy. In this dangerous time of star-spangled fascism, a romance forms between the Jewish boxer, Yael and the daughter of the enemy, Krista. But 1930s America pulls them apart as Krista’s people want Yael’s dead. Then Yael is recruited by the mob to go undercover for the FBI against her people and bring down the German-American Bund. Author Leslie K. Barry captures an authentic and brave portrait of a lost America searching for identity, preserving legacy and saving its soul. It is a heartbreaking novel that crosses generations as it honors the fragility of freedom.

In a few years, you’ll be able to watch the movie as well! Listen to our conversation to hear Leslie describe how this story was inspired by her own family legacy.

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