God’s Goodness Shines in Dark Places–with Kristy Cambron

God’s Goodness Shines in Dark Places–with Kristy Cambron


Today I’m sharing my conversation with bestselling, Christy-award winning Kristy Cambron. Kristy is a vintage-inspired storyteller, writing from the space where art, history, and faith intersect. Her eighth novel, The Paris Dressmaker, released this past Tuesday, February 16.

We talked about her new novel, the research process, how she marries art with World War II history, and the path her career has taken. We also delved into what it’s like to be an introvert and how she has built her self-confidence over the years. Kristy has a wonderful take on living out her creativity alongside her walk with God. I loved talking with her, and I hope you enjoying hearing our chat!

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Also nominated (along with Kristy) for the Christy Award in 2020, were Roseanna M. White and Sarah Sundin. Roseanna appeared in the very first episode of this podcast, and Sarah Sundin was on the show just two weeks ago! You may enjoy those episodes if you haven’t listened to them already.

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