Another week gone . . .

Another week gone . . .

Training went well this week. We didn’t fit in a long run, but I ran 3+ miles on Tuesday, somewhere above 4 miles on Friday and 5 miles Sunday. When I look at the training plan from the race director every week, I think that we’re way behind. But we still have ten weeks and as long as we’re running a few times a week and we build our long runs up to 12 miles, I feel confident we won’t have a problem running the race. If any of you runners think I’m wrong, please correct me! Part of me would like to fit another 4-mile run into every week, but I also don’t want to wear myself out. I already have been overwhelmed, exhausted, and very far behind on housework. I also have trouble getting to my two classes at the gym. I used to be faithful about those and I think it’s still important, even though I’m running more. I did my own weight-lifting workout on Friday and proved that I’m certainly not getting stronger this way.

This past week I was fighting a cold (again), so I did not want to overdo it. I think I’m on the mend now, so my goal this week is to make sure I get to my class at the gym Tuesday, in addition to the training I’ve been doing. I missed that class three weeks in a row! But my main goal through all of this, I must remember, is to have fun and not stress out.

My apologies to my regular readers. I know all three of you must be bored with these very mundane weekly reports on my training. And then I went and skipped my Five-minute-Friday post this week. For shame! More interesting blog posts to come.

I have been wondering if we could turn this half-marathon into a way to raise money for some cause. Any ideas?

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