Oh no! It’s Monday and I’m supposed to do an update.

Oh no! It’s Monday and I’m supposed to do an update.

Yes, that’s about how I feel. I just checked Facebook. Fail. Overall I’ve been doing better with that–checking Facebook less, usually just once a day. Saturday was a long day with the kids, though. Todd was gone all day and I allowed myself to be distracted by the computer at least five times. Ugh.

But I’ve been running a lot! Three miles Tuesday. 4 miles with Ariana on Friday and then 5 miles yesterday morning with Ariana again. We’ve been receiving emails with training plans which seem insane to me. It recommends beginners run 20 miles per week already. Experts are doing more than 40! I’m not sure what they’re working up to, but it doesn’t seem like a half-marathon. I hope to add in another run on Thursdays and start increasing our weekend mileage. I just don’t want to burn out, so I’m easing into it. Todd’s achilles was bothering him this weekend. (I told him he didn’t need to run 8 miles last Sunday.) He’s been running hard and he hadn’t really been running at all before. So he didn’t run this weekend. Also, I backed off on the gym this week because I’ve had a cold and felt really tired. Going to bed earlier needs to be a priority right now. I’m just not getting there.

And that’s your exciting update on our training progress. I know you were waiting for it. My snuggly boy is next to me now in his jammies. He just asked me what this was. I’ve been trying to keep the kids more involved in everything, explaining to Camilla about the blog. I didn’t think Adrian would understand yet, but apparently I was wrong. When I told him, he said, “Oh” as though it made perfect sense.

This is from a week or so ago, but it’s close to how things look this morning, too.
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