Second Sunday (Weekend?) of Advent

Second Sunday (Weekend?) of Advent

Todd and I managed to escape our beloved children to celebrate our anniversary with one quick night at our favorite Bed and Breakfast, Bischwind. It’s beautiful, to say the least, and we had a great time going out to dinner, snuggling up to a fire in our suite and savoring a four-course breakfast including a choice of fillet Mignon (Todd’s) or salmon (mine). Seriously! After a meal like that we really needed a walk around the frigid lake before we went home.

I teased Todd that I was going to tell people this was a picture of us in front of our new home, but I can’t lie. It was so good to have some time away, but I was happy to see my babies again, too.

That night, Camilla wanted to help out with the music when we lit the second candle on the Advent wreath.

She puts on a good show, pretending to prefer Mommy to Daddy. But I can see whom she truly emulates! And no wonder.

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