Fall Traditions

Fall Traditions

October has always been a busy month for us. This year, Camilla turned four!

The other day I told her she’ll always be my baby girl and she said, “But Mom, I have to grow up sometime.” If statements like these weren’t interspersed with pretending to be a two-year-old and to sleep in a crib, I might just sit down and cry.

Adrian turned one a mere ten days later. I knew two birthdays so close together would be challenging in tangible ways, but I never thought about the emotional toll I would face having my babies turn one year older within the same two week period.

I know it’s totally cliche, but it seems impossible that a year has gone by already. When I pick up Camilla and think about how this skinny, long-legged kid was a snuggly baby such a short time ago, I purpose to never put Adrian down when he wants me to hold him. Which is quite often–not all the time, but definitely when I’m making dinner.

So I was trying to fit all of our fall traditions into one post, but the plethora of pictures and the inconvenience of Blogger has forced me to reconsider. One more before I close . . .

We hit the pumpkin patch with Camilla’s preschool the following week.

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