Trip to California: Part III, Back to San Francisco

Trip to California: Part III, Back to San Francisco

The drive from Yosemite back to the Graves’ house seemed interminable. As we passed over the Bay Bridge, we had our best view so far of the Golden Gate Bridge. It would have been a perfect time to get a closer look, except for the fact that our rental vehicle had to be back to the airport at 8 pm. We were barely going to make it home in time. Then Camilla threw up. Have I mentioned her carsickness? It seems so random. She made it all the way to Yosemite and almost all the way back before vomiting. We pulled into Cory’s and Kristina’s driveway with a vomit-covered kid, a lot of stuff in the car, and just enough time for the guys to take the car back. So we basically turned the minivan upside down and shook it over the front lawn.
Pretty talented, huh? While the guys returned the car, Kristina and I washed Camilla and the car seat. What a mess! Poor kiddo.
The next day, Tuesday, August 19th, we went back into San Francisco for more sightseeing.

At home, Camilla never sleeps in her stroller. It’s the crib or nothing for her. This just demonstrates how exhausted she must have been by this point–or perhaps she’s just adaptable!

Carter and Camilla riding the cable cars. Note her mischievous expression!

We got our closer view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but unfortunately it was a little foggy. The bridge was still really cool, just not the best for picture taking.

Camilla’s favorite thing to do the whole time she was at Carter’s house was run around talking on his toy cordless phone. She would stick it to her ear and start yelling–I don’t know where she got that!

  • Abbylin
    Posted at 18:25h, 19 September Reply

    Hi, Alison! How wonderful that you were able to make it to the west side of the country! Next time you will have to come south and head to San Diego, then up to Ventura and Santa Barbara. 🙂 It looks like you guys had a wonderful time on your trip. I hope that all is well! The fall semester is in full swing (teaching, taking courses myself, and working). Blessings on you!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 18:21h, 21 September Reply

    Again,GREAT pics

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