This one’s for Seth and Mandy, since they gave Camilla this adorable hat. I post a lot of jammy pictures, don’t I? Maybe Camilla is at her best after she’s had breakfast and before she gets dressed for the day.

I had to include this shot because I can’t believe I actually captured the block tower mid-fall! Also, you can kind of see the stars and moon in the background, which I painted myself! It was before Camilla was born, but it’s my blog so I think I’m allowed to draw attention to my many talents. Ha!

Much to Mommy’s delight, this is one of Camilla’s favorite passtimes. My heart thrills when she brings me a book to read to her!

Okay . . . enough procrastination. I must get writing! It’s just that I’m stuck in a really tough spot in my book and it’s actually going to take work!

Wait, one more thing! My brother, Steven, leaves for West Africa today. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks!

  • Sara N. Smith
    Posted at 10:28h, 02 February Reply

    It’s so great to keep updated with your family through the posts.
    I love the bedroom’s paintings – absolutely wonderful! You did a marvelous job!!

  • Carl Redding
    Posted at 12:48h, 02 February Reply

    I stumbled across your blog while on my moms computer. I knew Todd when we were very little! My dad and mom pastored Mill City AG when I was in K and 1st grade. Good memories. Glad to see how life turned out for an old grade school pal!! Love to read about your beautiful family!
    Andrea Watters Redding

  • Alison Roskos Treat
    Posted at 23:04h, 03 February Reply

    Thanks for commenting, Andrea. Todd was happy to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and your family. Keep in touch!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 18:59h, 07 February Reply

    Wow! Alison I can’t belive you got
    that picture of the blocks. It is
    sooo cool. Way to go Camilla! And
    Camilla your uncle Frederick wanted
    me to but the word ‘Egypt’ on what
    I was writing. Hope you have a good
    !April(Aunt April and Uncle Freddie too!)

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