This Week: Blog Tour!

This Week: Blog Tour!

The date came and went quietly . . . March 1st. I’d thought of this date as One Traveler‘s release date. And then it came out early and everything seemed to move very quickly. But I still had the blog tour set up for this week. And I’m super excited about it.

The first installment is written by a lovely woman I met last year at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference. Marsha Hubler and I corresponded via email a little bit last spring, when I was involved in working out my book contract. She offered invaluable advice and encouragement. I was so impressed with her, an established and successful author, taking time to feed into my life as I was just getting started. She was also interested in interviewing me for her ongoing “Meet the Author” series and I decided to schedule it for the week of my first blog tour.

Without further ado, here is the link to Martha’s post on little old me! Enjoy!

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