Grow: My first attempt at participating in Five Minute Friday!

Grow: My first attempt at participating in Five Minute Friday!

It’s unprecedented! A post two days in a row on Joy in the Journey? That never happens. Well, it’s happening today. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was thinking about doing Five Minute Friday and here I am. I will write for five minutes, then I will post whatever I wrote. Aaaack! No editing? Really? We’ll see . . .

The prompt is “Grow”.

Photo taken by Michelle McGarvey one year ago.

I had no idea until the girl was a week old. I had heard it all my life. “They grow so fast!” But then I had a baby and now she’s five. This tall, gangling creature. I try to cuddle her and she really isn’t very cuddlable. Or, at least, not in the way she was as a newborn. Now the boy, he’s more of a cuddler, but I can’t believe he’s two. I feel like he was born a few weeks ago. I didn’t know how fast they would grow.

But even more surprising? I didn’t know how they would grow me. I thought I had to have it all figured out before I became a mother. And I thought I did. I thought I was “ready”. Then motherhood turned my life upside-down and the person I thought I was changed and I cried real tears about who I was and who I wanted to be and how to get there. And slowly . . . slowly I grow. Learning to lean on my Father and let His strength be made perfect in my weakness. I’m growing.


Wow, that went fast. I guess I’m a slow writer, as well as a slow grower, but that’s no surprise! So there you are. Five minutes of writing, for better or worse.

  • Kris
    Posted at 07:43h, 18 November Reply

    Wonderful!!! Good for you, and how true this is, motherhood flipping us on our end, babies growing into five-year olds overnight… These are the tales you hear but never believe until you live it. Well done, Allison!

  • Mrs. Sheila
    Posted at 07:49h, 18 November Reply

    Love this! Welcome to 5 minute Fridays! I have been doing them for a about a month or so! LOVE it and look forward to it every Friday! Well written, and as a mother and a preschool teacher I agree they grow too fast!

  • Alison
    Posted at 07:53h, 18 November Reply

    Thank you so much Kris and Mrs. Sheila! I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to next Friday already!

  • A Diamond in the Rough
    Posted at 09:51h, 18 November Reply

    Welcome, welcome! I'm so glad you decided to join up this Friday! Reading your about me makes me think we have quite a bit in common! Thanks for sharing about how you're being "grown" amidst all the growing around you! I stopped by from Lisa Jo's and I'm so glad that I did!

  • Meredith
    Posted at 11:48h, 18 November Reply

    I love this… oh my WORD I love this…
    and it is so true.

    I absolutely love how every relationship experience that we can have as humans gives us greater insight to God's love.

    And when I truly remember, truly OWN that He loves ME more than I love my children??
    Well — I haven't been able to truly own that one yet… it is just too incredible, you know?

    This was awesome, my sweet friend!
    And you are NOT a slow grower. You are PERFECT, and He has you where you are for a reason. *hugs*

  • Alison
    Posted at 16:38h, 18 November Reply

    Hello Diamond (or should I call you Jessica?), If you lived in my neighborhood I'd totally invite you over for coffee right this instant. Just paid a visit to your blog and loved your top tens! You look so cute preggers–is this your first? Following you on Twitter now, too.

    Meredith, you are the world's best encourager. Thank you for your kind words. Off to check out your blog, too. xo

  • Nani
    Posted at 18:27h, 18 November Reply

    The ones I helped raise are 17 now and I agree, That was fast!

    I hope you continue to do 5 minute Fridays. I've done a couple and I truly enjoy the quick break during the day too post something that's insightful or just fun.

  • Alison
    Posted at 22:02h, 18 November Reply

    Thanks, Nani! I'll do it as often as I can. Your post today was definitely fun!

  • Angelina
    Posted at 22:19h, 18 November Reply

    Love this! Somehow you always manage to speak directly to some facet of life that has recently been on my mind. We're on the same wavelength 🙂

  • HopeUnbroken
    Posted at 23:41h, 18 November Reply

    amen! i'm convinced parenting is as much (or more) about me and how i am changed as it is about the raising of kids.
    great post!

  • Alison
    Posted at 08:22h, 19 November Reply

    Thanks Angelina. Glad we are on thinking the same way!

    Hope Unbroken, thank you for your comment! So true.

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